The Most Asinine Hot Take On DeflateGate Has Something To Do With Tom Brady And UGG Boots

01.23.15 4 years ago 8 Comments

This was actually said on real live TV. This was actually said on a network where opinions matter. A network that millions watch and listen to. Take it away, Sal Paolantonio of ESPN.

“Women don’t like cheaters. And what’s the #1 demographic that Tom Brady tries to sell UGG boots to? Women. Guys are not going into the mall—and let me get a pair of UGGS. No, guys don’t go into the mall for a pair of UGGS. Women do. This was clearly motivated because Tom Brady knows and the people around him know that his brand is damaged by this. Not only on the football field but what he sells off the football field.”

Is this real life? Someone’s playing us, right? Okay guys, you got me, haha. Joke’s on me.

/looks around Twitter…

WHAT?! It’s real, and it’s not spectacular.

Forget #DeflateGate, everyone. We’ve now ventured into #UGGHAZI!

Just to review, Tom Brady is a cheater and women don’t like cheaters to sell them UGG boots. Yep, we’ve reached the nadir.

[Bart Hubbuch]

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