The Most Disappointing Gay Kiss At A Ballpark You’ll Ever See

04.07.11 7 years ago 5 Comments

Ohio is one of several states that enacted Defense Of Marriage legislation, but that didn’t stop a couple of wily gents from getting in a kiss during a field report amidst a regional broadcast of a Cleveland Indians home game. The pair, whom I’m affectionately referring to hereafter as “Gay and Silent Bob,” snuck in a quick peck, and one could bet that the guys in the production truck flipped out and cut away before the full-on first base line orgy started up. Because it’s impossible to be gay without being all up in your face about it. People in television know this.

Watch the video after the jump (because I know you’re just dying to do so) and prepare to be disappointed. Seriously boys: that’s it? That’s all the PDA you have for us? It’s not like y’all are at a monster truck rally. It’s an Indians game. You two are 15 percent of all the people that decided to show up, so enjoy it. Some gays you turned out to be. The ushers probably showed up to throw you guys out and said, “Eh, that was nothing.” You guys probably don’t even have any interior design tips, either. My whole worldview has just been shattered.

As seen on Sports Nickel.

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