The Most Important Moment In The History Of Super Pipe Riding

Not counting the Pam Anderson sex tape, at least.

What you’re witnessing is either the first-ever 100.0 perfect score in the history of WXG Superpipe, or Shaun White reaching an X Games killscreen. Update: I can’t figure out whether or not his hair is worse than his pants, but White is basically as good at this as a person can be at something.

Even with a bum ankle, Shaun White still dominated the competition in Superpipe at the 2012 X Games, winning his fifth-straight gold medal in the event. White scored a 94.00 on his first run, wrapping up the gold before his third and final run of the night.

But on his final run, White didn’t just ride it out. Instead, he scored a perfect 100, finishing off the X Games in style. Not a bad way for the Superpipe champ to go out at this year’s event.

Also great about this video: The Cavs won!

Does anybody know where I can find a superpipe? I want to give this a try, and see what score the judges give me for sitting on the edge with a nervous look on my face for like twenty minutes before sliding down the ramp on my ass and breaking both of my legs.

[h/t Fark Sports]