The Most Intelligent, Thought Out Stanley Cup Game 7 Preview Ever

I’m not much of a hockey fan these days, what with my beloved St. Louis Blues playing by the philosophy of rebuilding one decade at a time, but some friends of mine have told me that there is nothing more exciting in sports than Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. And since there is a Boston team involved, it can be especially fun when fans that haven’t cared about the Bruins in 20 years spill into the streets of Beantown tonight to celebrate their first Stanley Cup victory in 39 years or celebrate simply having a reason to flip cars, tear down light poles and wake up in drunk tanks with no clue where their pants are.
But everything that I have read and seen about this series has favored the Vancouver Canucks. Sure, they’re the team expected to win and they’ve certainly been impressive throughout the playoffs and regular season. Boston, on the other hand, is a huge underdog hoping to prevail much like the Dallas Mavericks just did in the NBA Finals. However, the more statistical analysis that I read and expert opinion I try to comprehend, my ultimate prediction of the Canucks winning Game 7 tonight comes down to one all-important factor – Boobs.

Thanks to the brilliant work of the Tumblr site CanucksBoobs! (via Busted Coverage, with some NSFW images on that link, so have fun) I have been able to make the most concise prediction of my life. But please, Boston fans, feel free to counter and change my mind.

Speaking of Rachel McAdams, we’ve previously posted this but it’s essential to my argument and bears sharing again.
(Via the gentlemen of Boston Barstool)
This girl is obviously already a star, and CanucksBoobs! has about 10 versions of the uncensored image.