07.17.07 11 years ago 36 Comments

Frenchman Tony Parker and painted gremlin Eva Longoria returned from their honeymoon on Sunday, and it was every bit as sexy as you could expect from a whiny member of the Spurs and an overrated TV star who needs four pounds of makeup to make sure people who see her don't turn into stone.

The newlyweds – who flew out to an exclusive Caribbean resort on the islands of Turks and Caicos last week – spent their break relaxing with a few games of table tennis. The couple were also seen 'cosying up to each other' on the beach while playing the dice game Yahtzee under the shade of a parasol.

Ping-pong and Yahtzee.  Sounds great.  I don't know why they went to some fancy island though.  I would have rented them my parents' basement for way less.  And my parents have Scattergories, too, so it would've been a pretty sweet deal.

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