KJ McDaniels’ Mom Went To Orlando And Shouted At The Sixers To Pass The Ball To Her Son

It’s been a rough year for the Sixers. Heading into last night’s game the team’s record was 2-23, putting them on pace for something in the neighborhood of seven or eight wins for the entire season. This would break the NBA record for fewest wins in a season, which currently stands at nine and is … uh, also held by the Sixers. Bad times in the City of Brotherly Love.

That’s why Sixers fans — a group I am a lifelong member of — have been trying to find joy anywhere they can. One particular highlight has been second round draft pick KJ McDaniels, whose high-flying blocking and dunking has been like an oasis in a desert where the grains of sand are turnovers. Another highlight has been KJ McDaniels’s mom. KJ McDaniels’s mom really loves KJ McDaniels. Really, really loves him. We pick up this story in Orlando, during last night’s game against the Magic.


Go Sixers.