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With the help of Allen Iverson's 35 points (12-19 FG, 11-13 FT) and 12 assists, the Denver Nuggets defeated the Dallas Mavericks 122-109. If the practiced skills of A.I. weren't enough to excite you, this match was the first NBA game to feature the players and coaches wearing microphones:

Among the insights: Karl saying, "When we pass the ball, we usually play well," and Mavericks coach Avery Johnson telling his team during an early timeout, "Good hustle, men, keep it up."

Wow, those indeed are insights! Other esoteric comments heard via the microphones were "Score the orb through the metal ring!" and "Arms up gentle sirs, we must protect our goal!" Did you know Thomas Edison developed the first commercially practical microphone in 1876, 15 years before the invention of basketball? I wonder if Dr. James Naismith ever met old Tom at an inventors' convention? Tom: What did you invent sir? James: A variation of Duck on a Rock using a leather ball and peach baskets to promote physical fitness. Tom: Oh shit, all I have is this electric candle.

In other fantastic NBA action, Joe (Joey Joe-Joe Junior Shabadoo) Johnson hit a last second shot to lift the Hawks past the Timberwolves . . . the Heat lost their 4th game in a row as – SPOILER ALERT – Shaq was in foul trouble and Riley complained, and the Blazers beat them 112-106. -KD 

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