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NBA Commish David Stern has announced that NBA teams will lose an estimated $400 million this season, and $200 million per season for the next few years.  Since the American economy is in the crapper, fans are choosing to root for their squad wrapped up in Snuggies on their couches.  Revenues have dropped and the league is hurting and cutback sights are set on players’ salaries.  Unfortunately, negotiations between the NBA and the players’ union don’t seem to be going too smoothly.  Carmelo Anthony, who is currently under a 5-year, $80 million contract extension with the Nuggets signed in 2006, is one of many rising up against The Man.

“We’re not going to break,” Anthony said. “We’re going to stand strong. … That’s good all of us [All-Stars] were in there. That’s the face of the league. [Young stars] represent the [future of the] league. The young players, we need to be there.”

Anthony echoed the thoughts of Hunter in saying the owners’ proposal was unacceptable. With many believing there will be a lockout after next season, Anthony did admit to being worried about the future.–Fan House

While the initial proposal of “drastically cutting salaries, including eliminating the mid-level exception, scaling back guaranteed contracts and reducing the length of deals” may be heavy, it is unrealistic to think that salaries won’t have to be scaled back–there is a business to be run and something has to give.  God forbid players might have to rein in spending habits and cut expenses.  It would be such a travesty for them to have to experience an iota of what the majority of the country is going through, while sleeping on mattresses stuffed with C-notes, and using toilet paper made out of ones.  But I can certainly sympathize with ‘Melo here.  I remember this one time when I went to put gas in my Escalade and Maserati GranTurismo S, but could only fill my Bugatti Veyron up 3/4.  Man, that was so tough it hurts to think about it.

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