The NBA Might Void Isiah Thomas’ New Deal With The Knicks

08.10.10 8 years ago 5 Comments

Knicks fans surely loved the idea of Isiah Thomas returning to the professional basketball franchise that he did his very best to destroy. Thomas signed a deal to return to New York as a full-time consultant, figuratively speaking, as he intended to perform that job while remaining at Florida International as their head basketball coach.

Thomas is in violation of NBA rules which prohibit team employees from recruiting high school players, which Thomas would have to do as coach at FIU. Unfortunately, Knicks fans aren’t in the clear yet —

Thomas said in a recent interview, “If I was to leave FIU, the only positions that I would be interested in looking at would be a general manager for a team or consulting or advising with a team.” –MSNBC.

How does this asshole keep getting jobs? Just unreal. Does Isiah have jpegs of Dolan naked with Nathan Lane? I mean, that wouldn’t be anything to be ashamed of. He’s an accomplished stage actor. Oh, he’s gay? Well I didn’t know that. Oh, AND he follows the Knicks? Perv.

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