The Nebraska Cornhuskers Brought All Of The Allergies To Spring Day

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04.08.13 8 Comments

By now you’ve probably seen the video of 7-year old Jack Hoffman taking part in a play at the University of Nebraska’s spring game on Saturday, but if you haven’t you need to skip the rest of these meaningless words and watch it after the jump immediately. Then you can come back and join us.

Nebraska Cornhuskers running back Rex Burkhead learned last year that Hoffman was battling brain cancer so he started “Team Jack” to show his support for the young boy, and that including having him as the star guest at the team’s spring game. On one play, Hoffman came in as the RB and the Huskers let him carry the ball for a 69-yard touchdown as the crowd of more than 60,000 people went crazy. Players hoisted Hoffman on their shoulders in the end zone and then I removed my eyeballs and heart because I don’t want to ever see or feel anything else ever again.

Unfortunately, since YouTube is home to the most depraved and pathetic souls in the cyber universe and sports fans are equally horrible, the comments on that video are filled with gems that are a million times worse than this example:

Awesome, but sadly this is how Nebraska plays during the regular season lol ROLL TIDE

But I’m not going to pay them any mind, because I just painted a giant circle on my floor with chicken blood and am going to spend the next hour wishing horrible things on the 297+ people who disliked that video.

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