The Nebraska Football Team Sent A Heartwarming Message To An 8-Year-Old Cancer Patient

“We’re here to support you. Remain strong. We’re behind you, and we’re thinking about you through this whole thing.” Those were the words of Bo Pelini as he delivered a heartfelt message to Nebraska’s biggest fan, 8-year-old cancer patient Jack Hoffman.

Last year, Hoffman participated in Nebraska’s Spring Game, running in for a touchdown as the team trailed behind him. It was a great, great moment and yes, it got dusty in here.

Sadly, this past August, Hoffman had a recurrence of his brain cancer. That’s what prompted the video from Bo Pelini and the Nebraska squad.

Jack has a good prognosis according to his family, so let’s keep him in our thoughts. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to have a good cry.

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