The New Orleans Saints And Their Fans Are Still Sticking It To Roger Goodell

08.22.12 6 years ago 7 Comments

In the least surprising news of the month and possibly year, suspended New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma is still super pissed off at NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for making him the poster boy of what was lazily dubbed “Bountygate”. For a refresher, the league banned Vilma for a year – as well as Gregg Williams for eternity and Sean Payton for the season, among others – because of a cooler full of evidence that was delivered to the NFL by George Bluth’s former secretary Kitty, if I’ve understood this whole thing correctly.
Vilma has since called baloney on Goodell, as has Drew Brees and other Saints players, but Ol’ Iron Fist Goodell ain’t care. So Vilma has now responded in the most drastic manner possible – he banned Goodell from his Miami BBQ restaurant, Brother Jimmy’s. How serious is Vilma? He hung a sign in the window.

When reached for comment, a distraught Goodell shed a single tear, removed his napkin from his collar and pulled out of the Brother Jimmy’s parking lot.
This snubbing of Goodell by Vilma qualified as news today because this marks the first time it has happened outside of Louisiana. The fact remains, this kind of banishment has been happening in Louisiana ever since the bounty punishments were served. As Sterling Archer said, “New Orleans is my kind of town” and I support Saints fans, so join me as we walk hand-in-hand through the brief history of New Orleans’ hatred of Goodell and his league cohorts.
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This is David Bergeron, owner of the Creole Creamery, and he hung his own “Do Not Serve” photo months ago.
Some businesses might not be banning Goodell, but they still prefer that he be unemployed and have no money to shop anywhere.
“ZING!” yelled an old-timey fellow as he drove by in his 1936 Duesenberg Roadster, which was created in Iowa.
How serious are Saints fans? Personalized jersey serious. You better be certain that Goodell is going to suck for his entire career if you’re going to throw out that kind of cash.
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Meanwhile, fans are dealing with Sean Payton’s absence from the Superdome by reminding us that he’s there in spirit.
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Haha, even the kids think Goodell is a sh*tsnack!
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Fock Goodell? I don’t get it. (Says the guy who uses asterisks to replace letters in profanities… beat you to it.)
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And here’s a shirt that you can buy from a commercial custom t-shirt site, but I’m a “buy local” kind of guy, so make sure you check out some New Orleans businesses first.
And we’re still doing the Mastercard commercial parody, I see. *sigh*
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