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Future home of asshole fans

Despite being richer than pharaohs, the Yankees have saddled the city of New York with more than twice as much money as the city agreed to chip in for the new Yankee Stadium.

Skyrocketing expenses at the new Yankee Stadium will saddle taxpayers with a $325 million bill – more than twice the amount the city approved in 2006.

City Controller William Thompson blamed either “incompetence” or “blatant attempts to mislead the public” for poor initial estimates of costs for demolishing the old stadium, replacing some parks and street improvements. The original price tag was $129 million.

“Costs don’t go up that dramatically in that period of time,” he said. “Either someone did that intentionally or it is the worst job of management that I have ever seen.”

The Yankees are saying that the revenues the city get back will more than blah blah blah.  That’s what I get out of articles that talk about politics at the city level.  I see “comptroller” and my eyes start to glaze over.  The thing to take away from this story is the answer to the question, “Should I hate the Yankees?”  And the answer is “only if you love America.”

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