The New York Giants Were Briefed About Ebola Before Their Game In Dallas

10.16.14 4 years ago 8 Comments
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Two people have contracted Ebola in the United States. Both these people were nurses with close contact to patient zero, Thomas Eric Duncan. Despite all that, people are freaking the hell out. This includes the NFL, who briefed the New York Giants ahead of their game in Dallas.

“Our athletic trainers and team physicians have been briefed on the scope of the Ebola virus disease,” Pat Hanlon, the team’s senior vice president of communications, told the newspaper Wednesday in an email. “We have distributed a fact sheet to our employees and distributed similar information to our players electronically this morning.’’

Eli Manning added:

“With what we’re doing and where we’re staying, I think we’ll be fine.”

Let’s go through the checklist, shall we guys?

1) Don’t stay at the Texas Presbyterian Hospital…check
2) Don’t go into the room where the infected nurses are staying…check
3) Don’t have sex with the infected nurses…check

Pretty sure you’re good from there guys. Enjoy your stay in the Big D.

[Dallas Morning News]

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