The New York Yankees Are Mean

04.26.10 8 years ago 20 Comments

This is a little collage of Los Angeles Angels catcher Bobby Wilson getting his business ruined by Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira. There are a lot of things I don’t like about Teixeira. He’s like the Phil Mickelson of baseball, except that his last name’s a lot harder to spell. But some people are calling this play, where Marky Mark foregoes the slide to pop Wilson in the face with a shoulder, uncouth.

I’m not sure I agree, and I’m not sure we’d be having this conversation if Teixeira wasn’t a Yankee. First of all, Wilson makes a move to block the plate (without the ball, mind you.) Teixeira knows it’s going to be a close play, if he isn’t already out. Wilson can’t handle the throw and subsequently gets leveled (and placed on the DL) for his trouble. This would only be some sort of violation if the catcher was Dwyane Wade. Enjoy the video pwnage after the jump. vid from Homers/Albany Times-Union.

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