The Next Step Toward National Legitimacy: Foam Fingers

Pro Wrestling Editor
11.09.11 5 Comments

Most sports have a “we’re number one” foam finger. They’re stereotypically worn by people in TV show sports crowds to show how into the team they are. Like on King of Queens, if the King of Queens was going to a New York Giants game (or whatever) he’s going to have 1) a beer hat holding two beers and 2) a foam finger. Most of the time you can find a foam everything, hands, gestures, animal paws. Pro wrestling alone has offered foam razor blades, foam drunken middle fingers and foam Mexican guy heads.

In preparation for UFC’s debut on FOX, Cain Velasquez and his sponsor Dethrone have taken an important step toward portraying mixed-martial arts as a nationally-acceptable sport for the whole family by introducing the Dethrone UFC on Fox Foam Claw.

For only $9.99 ($7.99 if you order two or more) you can wave around an arthritic hand to support Velasquez in his heavyweight bout against Junior Dos Santos, and as an added bonus you get to spend an entire bath scrubbing your hand with soap, trying to get that weird foam smell out. Seriously, I had a Danville Braves foam tomahawk when I was younger and it made my hand smell like a dinosaur sponge capsule for two years.

Additional ideas, if they want the UFC souvenir stand to be legitimate: teddy bears who have nothing to do with UFC wearing UFC shirts. Also, plastic Brock Lesnar heads with ice cream in them.

[h/t to Maggie Hendricks @ Cagewriter]

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