11.03.06 11 years ago 11 Comments

Chad Johnson has been fined $5000 for the "Ocho Cinco" nameplate he wore in pregame warm-ups before the Bengals' game against the Falcons. It violated strict NFL rules against entertaining the fans and having a personality.

Seriously, what a bunch of cockgoblins. I'm not a Bengals fan, but as an NFL fan I really appreciate the lengths to which Johnson goes to entertain us. Unlike certain wide receivers who shall remain nameless, he isn't bitching about the team and not getting the ball; he's drawing attention to himself in a playful manner. He acts like it's actually fun to play a sport for a living. Crazy, right?

Well, that fun will be $5000. 

Oh, and he shaved the golden mohawk, because he didn't come through with two TDs against the Falcons. What a crappy Friday.

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