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Today the New York Times places its discerning spotlight on the NFL's new ad campaign, aimed at improving the image of the league in the wake of an offseason of Michael Vick, Pacman Jones, and a bevy of other run-ins with the law.  Rather than respond directly to the legal woes of a small group of players, the ads — which feature Matt Hasselbeck, Willie McGinest, Brady Quinn, Vince Young, and Braylon Edwards — proactively highlight positive aspects about standout players.

The commercials feature five players — selected for their marquee names and clean-cut images — and are planned to run through the 2007-8 football season, appearing on television and on Web sites like… In [one] spot, [Young] discusses how all his rose tattoos are in honor of “the women in my life,” including his mother, sisters, nieces and a grandmother. “I’m trying to get another rose,” Mr. Young says, “for my other grandmother; I don’t want to upset her.”

Sure, I guess this could work.  Or… instead of using Cleveland Browns as 60% of the league's representatives, they could just run a highlight package of people getting hit really hard.  "Yeah!  That guy got knocked out!  NFL players are awesome!" 

But whatever, the tattoo thing is good, too.

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