The NFL’s Bravest Faces: Episode IV

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05.19.11 3 Comments

I receive a lot of emails from readers, happy or angry fans of this or that team, and mostly bill collectors who wonder why we don’t write more about a sport, or why I hate on certain athletes so much, or why I won’t pay my student loan, and I mostly ignore them because none of them are nice enough to include nude pics of their sisters. But every so often I receive an email that is so touching and heartfelt that I want to share it with everyone. Today is one of those days.
This email was sent by 9-year old Timmy Jenkins from Townsville City, Iowa…

“Dear Burnsy, I recently visited Dr. Ellis Wifflehowser and he told me that I only have a year to live, maybe two if I take his Doc Ellis Good Time Soothing Elixir. All I want in this world is to see one more football season before I die. Will I get this opportunity or will I, an adorable 9-year old clutching a puppy, die disappointed and probably suffering through unfathomable pain? Also, my smoking hot 18-year old Asian sister says hi.
With one of those pathetic wheezing orphan coughs,
Timmy Jenkins”

Well Timmy, I’m afraid that until the owners stop being so greedy and agree to end the lockout, you’re going to have to settle for college football. At least you’ll get to watch more Conference USA action on weeknights! In the meantime, maybe all of the Timmy Jenkins out there can find comfort in knowing that the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders (above) are still forging ahead, as are the Kansas City Chiefs and Seattle Seahawks Sea Gals, but mainly the Eagles.
(Eagles Cheerleaders )

Gentlemen, Jeremiah Trotter and Tra Thomas would like you to enjoy these ladies from a distance, if you don’t mind.

(Chiefs cheerleaders )

(Sea Gals images )

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