‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor Feels His Upcoming Opponent ‘Could Be On PEDs’

Yesterday, Dana White’s favorite fighter, UFC featherweight (Or fedderweight, if you ask him) “The Notorious” Conor McGregor was on ESPN’s Highly Questionable with Dan LeBatard and Bomani Jones. Here are some of the highlights from the interview:

– Conor claims he had a normal childhood, a typical upbringing in Dublin’s inner city. There, people cared about two things – can you play football and can you fight?

– Conor says he has a curiosity about the human anatomy, which is something he doesn’t think his competition has. He is “only a white belt in this game of movement” but “my competitors have yet to take their first class”

– Conor says other fighters can either be bitter and jealous of him, or look, see his way is the way things must be done and follow his lead

– Conor believes “partying is weakness for the soul”

– Regarding Dennis Siver, Conor feels he’s been on PEDs for his whole career, and thinks Dennis has evolved his skills in hiding the substances he is on. McGregor says for all he knows, Siver could be entering the fight on Sunday on PEDs, so he has no respect for Dennis.

– McGregor says Dennis has two options on Sunday night: retire or be cut from the UFC. Conor says he’ll be Vice President of the UFC soon enough and will start making roster cuts

– Dan’s father, Papi, asks Conor about his romantic side, but Conor says he doesn’t have one. “You will not catch me walking down the beach holding hands.” Conor likes to “get down occasionally, yeah”. “If I go for it, I am going in for the kill”, “you will catch me going deep”

If you want to see Conor attempting to go in for the kill against Dennis Siver, tune in to UFC Fight Night 59 on Fox Sports 1 on Sunday, January 18th at 10:00 PM ET