07.09.08 10 years ago 42 Comments

While some folks think Oklahoma City's ill-gotten basketball team is going to be renamed the Thundercats, I doubt it will be something so cool.  Keep in mind that Oklahomans are retarded.

A possible example of such retardery: the URL redirects to, while similar domains with other proposed team names (Bandits, Thunder, Thundercats) do not.  So the Seattle Sonics may very well now be the Oklahoma City Marshalls.  Yes, Marshalls.  With two L's. 

Now, I've never had the responsibility of naming a major professional sports franchise, but I'd like to think that if I did, I would run my proposed name THROUGH A GODDAM SPELL CHECK to make sure I had named the team after Wild West sheriffs and not a department store.  But that's just me.  I've got a weird habit of trying not to look like a complete dipshit.

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