The Oregon Ducks Are Selling A Helmet Car, Hanging Out With Macklemore

05.13.13 5 years ago

Oregon volkswagen beetle

I guess the Oregon Ducks have always been pretty weird. They were the first team on the ‘Gangnam Style’ parody video bandwagon, they promote via Ferris Bueller homage and their fans are prone to emotional breakdowns.

But yeah, now they’re auctioning off a 1973 Oregon Ducks Volkswagen Bug for $2500, if you’re the kind of fan who wants to pay nearly three-grand for a car that doesn’t run and looks like an enormous football helmet.

The skinny:

A staple at Autzen Stadium for years, now is your chance to own this one of a kind 1973 VW Bug with an Oregon football helmet on top and CD player inside. Imagine parking this at your tailgate on gameday or bringing it to special events. The helmet is green with a yellow “O” and the Oregon license plate on this unique car is “QB” and registration expires 10/03/13. The seats inside are designed to look like a football with laces and Nike Swoosh.

It has a 1641 CC dual port motor w/ 4 speed stick shift. NOT CURRENTLY IN RUNNING CONDITION.

Disclaimer: This car is currently for display purposes only as it currently does not operate and it has not been driven on roads. The item will need to be picked up from the University of Oregon athletic department. Winning bid is responsible for pick up within 2 weeks!

brb, I’m imagining what it’d be like to to park this at my tailgate. Yep, it’s a car that looks like a football helmet, so … a regular tailgate, and now strangers bother me about it the entire time? Good deal.

If that’s not enough to substantiate the oddness, here’s a clip of rapper Macklemore praising Eugene, Oregon at a concert (complete with fans doing all sorts of hilarious JEAAAAHHH reactions), then performing his hit ‘Thrift Shop’ alongside the Oregon Duck. Yep.

(he shows up at the 6:30ish mark if you don’t want to sit through 6:29 of Macklemore going AW SHIT OREGON Y’ALL over and over)

[h/t to Yahoo Sports]

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