The Original Sin Cara’s New Name Has Managed To Botch Language Itself

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06.09.14 18 Comments

There’s a Sin Cara on WWE TV right now, but you remember the original, don’t you?

He’s the one that did this …

… and this …

… and this.

And THIS (nevermind, you get the idea). Anyway, the original performer was released from WWE back in March, and now that his no-compete clause is up and his 60,000 physical injuries have healed, he’s ready to get back in the ring.

Explaining to you why THAT has been botched would take a longform, but here’s the gist; in lucha libre sometimes the character is more important than any performer, so when you leave for, say, the WWE, Mexican promoters will put somebody else in your mask and call them you. So if the guy in the Sin Cara mask plays a character named Mistico and that character is the biggest box office draw in lucha libre history, you can bet there’ll be a second Mistico. But then when the original doesn’t catch on in the US and comes back, what do you do? You can’t just let him be Mistico again, can you?

To make things even more complicated, Original Sin Cara believes that he created his WWE character, and that that gives him the right to perform as said character outside of WWE. WWE is a publicly-traded Disney Of Wrestling corporation and disagrees. So while that’s being worked out, Original Sin Cara’s less important shows will feature Sin Cara please don’t sue, and his big ones — specifically his Asistencia Asesoría y Administración shows — will feature a NEW NEW Mistico/Sin Cara/Whomever. Jesus.

Long story short, enter MYZTEZIZ. Wait, did I type that wrong?

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 9.24.10 AM


Yep, “Myzteziz.” According to sources, you’re supposed to pronounce it as “Miz-tiz.” Yes, I know there are way too many letters in the name to pronounce it “Miz-tiz.” While you deal with that, I have two pertinent jokes:

1. To defeat Myzteziz in the ring, you have to say his name backwards.

2. I’m going to pronounce it “Misty’s,” because Sin Cara is pro wrestling’s Psyduck anyway.


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