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A big story in Tampa this week has been about superhuman wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald and his father, Larry Sr., an NFL reporter in Minnesota.  Rick reilly and other columnists were all, “Larry Senior is awesome ’cause he’s going to not cheer in the press box and remain totally objective.”  Then there was the backlash by people with facts, who were all, “Uhhhh, actually, he’s not objective at all.”  Then the columnists got pissed off and tossed barbs back.  The whole thing has been pretty annoying and gay, which is why I haven’t written about it.

Forgotten in all of this are the accusations of abuse and bribery made by Angela Nazario, the former Raiders cheerleader who gave birth to Fitgerald’s son.  Remember a year ago when this happened?

A source close to Nazario says he has asked her to “hide” out in a small Arizona town, and asked her to have an abortion. Fitzgerald also allegedly tried to bribe her with offers of houses and cars, and when she declined, he told her “I don’t need this all over the news like Matt Leinart.”

After she gave birth, Nazario later accused Fitzgerald of slamming her head into a marble floor and tearing chunks of her hair out.  And now, rumors are beginning to swirl (see buried lede) that Nazario and son Devin will be at the Super Bowl on Sunday.  Rick Reilly has yet to write a column on whether or not she’ll be cheering for Fitzgerald.

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