The Pouting Giants Fan is All Grown Up, Wants Pete Rose’s Autograph

Last week, we covered the bratty San Francisco Giants fan who was showered with riches for being a brat and several similar instances of grown-ups acting like babies and jerks and getting away with it. That trend continues today with one of the most hilarious and disappointing examples of baseball fans having the maturity and self-control of Angelica Pickles. Watch as “Brian chases Pete Rose to get an autograph for the first time”.

The YouTube description:

After my success of trying and getting Bryce Harper to sign my (previously signed) Mickey Mantle baseball, I traveled to Cooperstown, NY to try and meet the elite ball players, The Hall of Famers. In travels, I stopped at a local restaurant and was actually seated close to Pete Rose’s table. I was definately surprised to see that THE PETE ROSE was in Cooperstown (Since he is not a Hall of Famer). I politely approached him after he was finished eating and as he exited the restaurant. Here is my documentation of the event.

And here’s what actually happened — Brian approached Pete Rose for an autograph and appeared to be politely turned down … so he turned around and stomped off, but not before ANGRILY THROWING HIS BASEBALL INTO THE WOODS. The ball with Bryce Harper’s autograph?

The worst part of this is that Brian (or someone who likes Brian) decided to upload this to YouTube because you need validation that a celebrity is an asshole when they don’t do exactly what you want. Sorry, guy, but watching you huff and puff and destroy your own toys makes me want to see Pete turn around and plow through you like you were Ray Fosse. I understand how disappointing it can be. I waited for two hours in the cold after a Jenny Lewis concert to try and meet her, and all she did was walk by and dismiss me. It sucked, but at no point did I stomp my copy of Acid Tongue and throw it at her bus. Because I’m a nerd, but I’m an adult nerd. Big difference.

What Brian should’ve done was tell Pete he would have to live with the consequence of the act.

[h/t Off the Bench]