The Pro Bowl Got Decent Ratings

02.01.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

This is from last year's Pro Bowl, but you probably didn't even notice. Good job.

You know how every year, when the Pro Bowl comes around, you and your friends are always saying “PSH NO WAY I’M WATCHING THAT IT’S NOT REAL FOOTBALL”? Well, some of you are lying, because this year’s Pro Bowl was the most-viewed one in 14 years. WHY ARE YOU MAKING ROGER GOODELL LOOK COMPETENT?

The 2011 Pro Bowl on FOX was watched by an average of 13.4 million viewers – the highest mark since the 1997 Pro Bowl (13.5 million viewers on ABC). The Pro Bowl is the most-watched all-star game in any sport since 2009 (2009 MLB All-Star Game, 14.6 million viewers on FOX).

This year’s viewership is up nine percent from 2010 (12.3 million viewers) and a 53 percent increase from 2009 (8.8 million viewers). –Yardbarker.

I watched none of the Pro Bowl, and I really didn’t think that a lot of people around me did, but I guess that doesn’t matter and I’m not the center of the universe. My mom said I was, though.

What else was on television at the same time as the Pro Bowl anyway? I think I watched some HBO and “Valentine’s Day” was on, so I’m most people took the lesser of the two evils. Seriously, we’re supposed to believe a ton of incredibly attractive girls can’t find love because they’re so caught up in their hectic work to have a chance for that? Jennifer Garner, let me say this: I would totally plow you any time of any day. Email me. ;)

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