The Prokom Cheerleaders Seem Nice

I have to admit that I have been slacking in my fanfare of Polish sports these days, but I’m trying very hard to catch up on such time-honored classics as underwater breath holding and the two-legged race. Classic childhood jokes aside, the country of Poland has some very devoted and proud sports fans, and we should commend them all as shining examples of integrity and honor for sports fans across the world. Of course, for all I know, Polish sports fans are obnoxious hooligans who start riots over nothing, so if that’s the case, then ignore all of that honor crap.
But I do know which Polish fans aren’t starting riots, and that’s the delightful young ladies that make up the Cheerleaders Prokom. Just who exactly are the Cheerleaders Prokom? Beats the hell out of me. But thanks to their website and Google’s basic translation features, I have a slightly better idea now.

For many seasons, every fan in the hall watching the matches ośmiokrotnych Polish Champion, is also a unique opportunity to enjoy dance performances by a group of beautiful girls – “Prokom Cheerleaders”. Dancers are always accompanied by Asseco Prokom for players and without them it is difficult to imagine a basketball show in Gdynia.

Who’s this Asseco Prokom? Is that like the guy who always shows up with the stripper and then hangs out in your kitchen, drinking all of your beer and using your best coffee mug as an ashtray? What’s that Rafael? You want to dirty up your Corona? Well, by all means, use the Patron. God forbid you settle for Margaritaville.
Anywho, according to the team’s Facebook profile, these spirited young women attend a variety of sporting events, from soccer and basketball to auto racing and what could possibly be tennis. Who knows? Who cares? Cheerleaders are the best for every sport and in every country. Glasnost!
(H/T to World of Basketball)