The Rabid Wolverine: Hugh Jackman Called Out John Cena On SportsCenter

Pro Wrestling Editor
05.21.14 15 Comments
Hugh Jackman John Cena Sportscenter


We’ve seen what happens when X-Men: Days Of Future Past and Assorted Other Wolverine Movies star Hugh Jackman shows up on Raw. The first time, he broke Dolph Ziggler’s jaw. The second time, he overcame the powers of magnetism and hip-tossed Damien Sandow. The guy’s got a proven aptitude for wrecking pro wrestlers, but now he’s making the worst mistake you can make: calling out John Cena.

Here’s Jackman on SportsCenter calling himself “The Flying Aussie,” threatening to come off the top rope on Cena.

So, uh, here’s the problem:

1. Challenging Cena is SUCH a bad idea. Cena’s taken about one-and-a-third of a clean pinfall victory in the last decade and gets his rocks off “never backing down from a challenge.” There will be much odds-overcoming, and a series of promos where Cena alternately jokes about things because he doesn’t care or take things seriously, followed by a big serious one where he calls Hugh “Jack.” Man. I hope Hugh knows how to escape an STF.

2. Jumping off the top rope at Cena is a terrible way to go about things, because he’s just gonna catch you, make a stressed poopies face and hoist you up onto his shoulders for an Attitude Adjustment.

As I said, though, Hugh’s track record speaks for itself. Take a look at these clips and familiarize yourself with his offense, should the shit go down.

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