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Raiders owner Al Davis made Tommy Kelly the highest-paid defensive tackle in the NFL over the offseason with a seven-year, $50.5 million contract (over $18M guaranteed), even though he was coming off surgery to repair ACL tears in both knees.  Well, guess what?

His knees are fine, actually.  But he did get arrested for DUI on Monday night.  Just part of his new leadership program:

Kelly declined all interview requests in his first four seasons but spoke with reporters at the start of training camp, saying his large contract meant he needed to be more vocal as a team leader.

“I understand a lot of things come with being a professional athlete, but I just like to play,” Kelly said in July. “I just like to go to work and come home. Now you have to be a leader and everything. … Responsibility only messes you up when you ain’t ready for it. I’ll be all right.”

This marks the first time in recorded history a man named “Tommy Kelly” has gotten into trouble with the cops after drinking, and it wasn’t a redheaded Catholic guy.

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