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The Baltimore Ravens are enjoying off-season workouts free from the incompetent reign of deposed egomaniac Brian Billick, and you know what that means: 80-player brawls!  Nearly everyone at the Ravens' minicamp joined the fray after linemen Oniel Cousins and Amon Gordon came to blows; later, defensive backs Corey Ivy and Frank Walker tussled during a blocking drill.

This all, of course, is part of coach John Harbaugh's master plan.

In a way, that’s how Harbaugh likes it. Seeing two players fight on the practice field is nothing new, but to have the rest of the team join the fray is a sight not often seen on the football field. Yet none of the coaches immediately sought to restore peace, and defensive coordinator Rex Ryan was actually laughing as he stood in the background…

“We had a good practice. Our guys are competitive, they like football, it’s going to happen,” [Harbaugh] said. “I think as they realize the tempo of the practice is going to stay the same, it will probably happen less and less. They’re a feisty bunch.”

Yes… "feisty."  Harbaugh also described linebacker/associate to murder Ray Lewis as "lovable scamp," and the city of Baltimore as a "real fixer-upper."

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