11.15.06 11 years ago 10 Comments

Needless to say, $51,100,000 is slightly more than I'm going to spend this month. Not the Red Sox, though: they acquired the right to speak to pitcher Daisuke Matsukaka by paying that outrageous sum to the Seibu Lions. They have one month to sign him to a contract.

The Mets and Yankees also bid for Matsuzaka, but neither one of them bid more than $40M, so they obviously aren't serious about winning.

I'm puzzled by the extra $100K, though. How'd that happen? "Let's make it a nice even 50 million." "Okay, but what if someone else makes it an even 50?" "Better make it 51 mil." "Yeah, but what if somebody else is thinking the same thing?" "Okay, 51.1 million. We should squeeze past the competition with that." 

$51.1 million. Everywhere all over the world, orphans and starving African children and people without medical insurance and homeless puppies commend the Red Sox for their dedication to winning.

For a better take on this, read today's Dugout.

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