12.12.06 12 years ago 4 Comments

The deadline for the Red Sox to sign gyroballing righthander Daisuke Matsuzaka is coming Thursday, and the Red Sox are scrambling to make a deal happen with uber-agent Scott Boras. Or they're stone-walling. Or counter-stonewalling. Or scrambling after being counter-stonewalled. I dunno. It's a pretty hard story to follow, and it requires caring about the Red Sox to properly understand. Basically they fucked themselves by bidding too much to negotiate with him. Catch-22 and all that.

Apparently, there's a whole lot of potential drama on the international level that Seth Mnookin goes into great detail about — he cares about the Red Sox, so he's all over this story — but you can go check it our your damn self. I'm going to stay right here and look at Yoko Matsugane. Listen, I don't care that she has nothing to do with Matsuzaka. She's from Japan, okay? Give me a break, this is the first real T&A I've posted all day.

(Do you think she speaks English? I hope not. If I met her I'd just want her to giggle shyly the whole time. Until we got naked. Then giggling would be strictly forbidden.)

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