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As Deuce of Davenport pointed out, the Redneck Games were held last weekend in East Dublin, Georgia, and dear God this makes me want to kill myself.

Bobbing for pigs feet was one of the highlights of the games… Some of the other events included a mud pit belly flop contest, redneck horseshoes [using toilet seats instead of horseshoes], seed spitting and, of course, an armpit serenade.

ELIZABETH CURRY, REDNECK: "They probably think it's a lot of fighting and drinking, which, there is some drinking now. A lot of fighting, carrying on, that we ain't got no sense but there's a lot of folks out here that's got some sense."

One of the great things about America is that it's this big melting pot where there are like three or four neighborhoods that actually have true diversity.  Most often, people live in homogeneous communities and embrace their jackass stereotypes, ensuring that racism lives on for another generation.  They may as well have the Italian-American Olympics where all the athletes speak in ridiculous accents.  "Hey!  Why-a you make-a fun-a Luigi?"  That, or sent a bunch of white reporters to cover the NBA All-Star Game in Vegas. 

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