The Rise and Fall of The Morning Links


Video: The Rise and Fall of LeBron James – As a serious journalist on the Internet, I am only interested in the “falling” parts. And honestly the rise was just the one part where he discovers he’s good at basketball and suddenly gets everything he ever wanted. I mean, except that one thing. [RealTalkNY]

Major League Shuffle: Nine Upgrades, Big Names, and Prospects from the Trade Deadline – Burnsy and I are going to start reviewing rap albums. Thankfully I owned a vinyl single of “Nightmare On My Street” and am deeply familiar with the discography of The Fat Boys. But no, click here for baseball stuff. [Smoking Section]

2KSports Gives Us the Virtual Version of Kobe Bryant’s 81 Points – I was hoping some guy had gone to the trouble of recreating the entire game, possibly with commercials, but it’s just shots of video game Kobe shooting jumpers. Still worth your time, especially when paired with The Rise and Fall of LeBron James. [Lakers Nation]

Weddle We Do Now That The Money’s All Gone? – I don’t know, man, just read it. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

With Leather

Video, Photos, Whatever: Kate Upton Milking A Cow – We try to have a strong feature or two on the site every afternoon, but yesterday featured two big ones: Kate Upton. Here we see America’s Best Girl milking a cow, clutching a chicken and making me type the sentence “you should have a little belly if your boobs are that big” more than once on the Internet. [With Leather]

Burnsy’s Bad Advice: Ranking Your Fantasy Football Quarterbacks – Also a great feature (and also featuring Kate Upton, in case you were skeptical) is Burnsy’s Bad Advice, which will hopefully become a regular feature and reeducate me on the game of pro football following my desertion upon the retirement of Dan Marino. If these guys are Kate Uptons, Dan Marino must be Aphro-goddamn-dite. [With Leather]