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Well, that was exciting.  If you had four hours and 40 minutes of free time last night, I hope you spent it watching the Padres-Rockies play-in game.  First Colorado was up 3-0, then San Diego got up 5-3 thanks to an Adrian Gonzalez grand slam, then the Rox chipped away until they had a 6-5 lead, then it got tied up and they went to extra innings.  Without getting into the details too much, most of the runs were scored as a direct result of outfielders playing Little League defense — bad routes, poor hand-eye coordination.

Extra innings, yadda yadda, Pads get a two-run homer in the 13th from Scott Hairston and send out Trevor Hoffmann to save the game.  Back-to-back doubles from Kaz Matsui and Troy Tulowitzki, followed by a Matt Holliday triple, tied the game.  Then Holliday tried to score on a shallow flyout to right field, and he missed the plate on his slide but got called safe.  It was the wrong call, but whatever.  At least somebody finally ended the game.

Then the Rockies celebrated with Coors Light, which ensured that nobody got drunk.  The End.

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