The Sabres are Good at Hockeying

10.24.06 12 years ago 3 Comments

Today is Sports Equality Day here at With Leather, where I do things like pay attention to college football and hockey. Up next: men's tennis!

But first, I give a salute to the Buffalo Sabres, who have opened the NHL season — yes, it's begun already — with a team-record nine straight victories. That's right: no losses, no ties, no losses in overtime. They're 9-0-0-0. They go for win number 10 (which would tie the league record) against the Islanders on Thursday, so they can probably start looking ahead to No. 11 now.

I don't have any real hockey alliances, but I'm down with the Sabres kicking ass, because I feel that hockey teams that play in cities where it actually snows should win, while the Florida Panthers and Phoenix Coyotes and Dallas Stars should suck balls. Plus the Sabres are the only team with a Little League World Series MVP on its roster. So go get 'em, Sabes. Do it for Canadia and all the old-school NHL teams.

Oh, and I was kidding about the tennis thing.

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