The San Diego Padres Are Having A 105-Year Old Woman Throw Out A First Pitch

Agnes McKee claims that she has no clue how she’s lived to be 105-years old. Either the Oceanside, California woman is keeping her aging secret all to herself, or she’s just being honest when she says that she enjoys life and is a happy person. Regardless, on Sunday, she’s going to become the oldest person ever to throw out a first pitch at a San Diego Padres baseball game, and she was more than happy to show off her underhand fastball that she claims she’s been working on for the last month, ever since she was picked for this honor.

Ironically, despite her late husband playing baseball, McKee told Fox 5 San Diego that she was never really into the game. She has been studying up on the names of the Padres players for her big moment on Sunday so she doesn’t look like an amateur, but she admitted that she doesn’t usually follow the team because “the Padres never win.” This old gal’s got spunk!