The Sanchize Can Pick ‘Em

05.19.10 8 years ago 14 Comments

Turtle from Entourage bagged this

It must be nice to be an NFL quarterback. Millions of dollars, an Adonis-like physique, and (with the exception of The Ben) beautiful women throwing themselves at you at every opportunity. Such is the life of Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, who has recently been linked to Sopranos star Jamie Lynn Siegler.

So Mark meets Jamie..Jamie likes Mark..Mark likes Jamie..Us Magazine reports they’re dating after three days..then the New York Post reports Jamie and Mark are just friends..Who cares..we know what Dirty Sanchez likes to do with his lady friends..Well, maybe they are F-buddies, because why else would Sanchez attend Jamie Lynn’s birthday on Saturday Night..According to Page Six spies they “definitely looked more than friends,” and Mark had dinner with two other couples which def means something..–TerezOwens

It still boggles my mind how Jamie Lynn was nailed by the guido hobbit himself, Jerry Ferrera. She was probably mesmerized by his ability to acting skills. It must be difficult to play a stubby, stoned, mooch who hangs out in mansions all day. He’s like Gergory Peck, except short, fat and bearded. Jamie shows off her acting (/coughs sarcastically) after the jump.

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