The SEC Sure Seems Fun Right Now

Texas A&M and Missouri are currently in their honeymoon period before they begin playing in the new and even more improved SEC, and things are already to an, um, interesting start. First, there was this little tidbit about someone’s photoshop tribute to the Missouri Tigers and the Confederacy, which had Mizzou athletics in a little bit of an uproar with my buddy @ParadigmShift35. But then the Aggies decided to make things really awkward, like whenever I take off my pants at Disney.

I don’t really have much to say about the video after the jump, because no description I can write for it will do it justice. It’s almost like they’re already rolling over and shouting, “As long as the championship stays in the conference!” Because that’s an awesome battle cry.

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And to make up for that barrage of over-the-top good sportsmanship, here’s adult film star and former Tiger Woods sex partner Joslyn James displaying the pride of the Alabama Crimson Tide.