The Sklar Brothers Ruin Everything

04.14.10 8 years ago 7 Comments

You name it, whatever the Sklar Brothers touch invariably turns to crap. Cheap Seats? Bru-tal. That web series Back on Topps? Horrendous. That Thai prostitute in the trunk of Randy’s car? Stinky.

So it should come as no surprise that Randy and Jason have laid their accursed touch upon one of the more whimsical traditions in Major League Baseball: the Klement’s Sausage Race at Miller Park in Milwaukee, where Brett Wurst, Stosh, Guido, Frankie Furter and Cinco race around the park before the bottom of the sixth inning of every Brewers game. They are not actual sausages, mind you. That would be ridiculous. The sausages are actually grown men wearing oversized foam costumes.

That is where the Sklar Brothers unfortunately enter the story. Last Saturday, Joe Sports Fan detailed the exploits of Brett Wurst and Stosh and what happened to them during a game last week. Brett Wurst pulled up lame and Stosh stopped competing and heroically came to the assistance of his ground-meat-encased brother. It was a touching moment to watch (video after the jump), but we have now sadly discovered that what appeared to be a selfless act by a grown man wearing a sausage costume, was instead an ill-conceived act of self promotion by those dang Sklar Brothers.

Heartwarming, isn’t it? That is if it had not been a deplorable gambit perpetrated by the Sklar Brothers. Below is a tweet from their joint Twitter account – apparently, they have to do everything together – from Saturday:

Can you believe it? It was a scam. A ruse. A…um, (dangit, ain’t working)…a something or other. Those conniving, heartless jerks. Thanks a lot, Sklar Brothers. Thanks for nothing.

I will never look at contrived promotional sausage races the same ever again. And that hurts. And makes me kind of hungry, for some reason. Well played, Klement’s.

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