The Sleepy Yankees Fan Defended His $10 Million Lawsuit On The ‘Today’ Show

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07.28.14 38 Comments

New York Yankees fan Andrew Rector sure has a funny way of handling all of the people that were making fun of his lawsuit against ESPN and Major League Baseball. Earlier this year, Rector was captured on camera at a Yankees game against the Red Sox, as he was sleeping his seat during the fourth inning of a game that would end with a 3-2 score. Announcers John Kruk and Dan Shulman noticed him napping and made a few harmless jokes at his expense on air, which Rector claimed caused his phone to blow up with calls from people he hadn’t even heard from in years. So he decided to sue just about everyone involved for $10 million because, his suit alleges, Kruk and Shulman said some things about him that they never really said.

While Rector could have just enjoyed the fact that people on the Internet forget about stories like this in a matter of hours, he decided to double down on his cause for decency in sports broadcasting and he spoke with Matt Lauer on Friday’s episode of Today. “How would you feel if you were broadcast on TV and all over the media?” the man asked Lauer, who introduced the whole segment with the chuckle that it deserved. Ultimately, Rector said that his reputation has been damaged, and while he and his attorney are now “figuring out” whether or not they’ll move forward with the suit, he might actually be content with an apology.

You know, $10 million or “I’m sorry” – it’s really all the same thing.

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