The Soccer Fans Who Pranked A Reporter Are Now Banned For Life

You know what happens to disgusting, entitled bros who think pranking a reporter on-air is funny? They get their privileges revoked.

This goof troop of Toronto FC fans was spotted during their failed attempt at juvenile humor because reporter Shauna Hunt owned them by calling out the stupid joke.

Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment is actively hunting down people who can identify these Grade-A jerks so they can be banned:

The club confirmed to the Toronto Sun on Tuesday morning that the fans will receive lifetime bans if they’re identified. A club spokesperson also confirmed to the Sun that MLSE has leads and is tracking down those involved. (Via Toronto Sun)

The search for sunglass-clad, beer-bellied bros with spiky hair has begun in earnest. Unfortunately, their look is so cliched and terrible, it may take years to track them down. Let’s hope for Shauna Hunt and City News’s sake that a brave tipster will out these losers ASAP.

(Via Toronto Sun)