The Soccer Ghost Is Back And Ready To Mildly Haunt Some Soccer

“Soccer is being haunted by ghosts” is easily the most important sports story of 2014. Just last month a ghost ran through the stands during a Bolivian soccer match, causing mass hysteria and arguments about how shadows work.

Now the ghost of Pelé is getting onto the FIELD, as seen in this clip from a German match. Yes, Pelé can be alive and still have a ghost. You don’t know how ghosts work. For more information, the YouTube description:

Ghost at Match of Borussia Dortmund vs Bayern Munich 0-2 !! | Is this real !!! Unbelievable!!

ATTN: film executives
RE: me writing a film about a team of soccer ghosts who get underestimated because they’re dead but end up winning the big game

Let me do that.