The Soccer Ghost Is Back And Ready To Mildly Haunt Some Soccer

Pro Wrestling Editor
05.22.14 18 Comments

“Soccer is being haunted by ghosts” is easily the most important sports story of 2014. Just last month a ghost ran through the stands during a Bolivian soccer match, causing mass hysteria and arguments about how shadows work.

Now the ghost of Pelé is getting onto the FIELD, as seen in this clip from a German match. Yes, Pelé can be alive and still have a ghost. You don’t know how ghosts work. For more information, the YouTube description:

Ghost at Match of Borussia Dortmund vs Bayern Munich 0-2 !! | Is this real !!! Unbelievable!!

ATTN: film executives
RE: me writing a film about a team of soccer ghosts who get underestimated because they’re dead but end up winning the big game

Let me do that.

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