The Star Of ‘The Vanilla Ice Project’ Performed At The Milwaukee Bucks Game

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04.01.13 2 Comments

It isn’t much of a big deal when rapper-turned-house-flipper Vanilla Ice shows up to perform at halftime for NBA games, because the artist otherwise known as Rob Van Winkle has done it before. But nevertheless I like it when he does, because it gives me a chance to complain about one of my guiltiest pleasures, The Vanilla Ice Project on DIY, thanks to the loosest of ties to sports.

While I enjoy watching house flip shows, especially when they involve Q-list celebrities, VIP drives me nuts because he goes so amazingly overboard that I can’t imagine someone spending $1 million for one of his custom home renovations in South Florida. I mean, I know that people buy the homes, because wealthy people in South Florida are insane, but some of the perks that he adds to his homes just blow my mind.

Take this season, for example. He’s working on a house that was abandoned for seven years and left to just completely rot against nature’s devices. The house sits on a huge lot with a giant lake behind it, and he probably fetched close to $1 million for his rebuild, if not more. That lake, like most bodies of water in South Florida, has alligators, and yet Vanilla and his crew added a giant human slingshot to the backyard.

When they’re building these homes, do they even consider things like homeowners’ insurance? I, for one, would not like to spend my hard-earned cocaine-trafficking money on paying for one of my son’s snot-nosed friend’s hospital bills after his arms are torn off by an angry family of gators. But maybe that’s just me.

In conclusion, the Milwaukee Bucks lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Saturday night.

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