The Steelers Caught Early Whistle, Big Break

10.25.10 7 years ago 9 Comments

After the jump, you’ll see that weird fumble from the Steelers-Dolphins game from yesterday. The result of the play appears to be a Ben Roethlisberger fumble and a Miami Dolphins recovery in the endzone, which would have been a touchback. Unfortunately for Miami, the head linesman couldn’t wait to signal touchdown, so the play was blown down and nobody bothered sorting out the pile on top of the ball, which was stupid.

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano challenged the ruling of touchdown, burning his last timeout. The touchdown was overturned, but Pittsburgh maintained the ball. Because they’re a bunch of cheaters, obviously. The Steelers kicked a short field goal for a one-point lead, and one could almost hear Bill Parcells ripping the doors off his refrigerator out in the distance.

Miami, needing a field goal to win, couldn’t convert a first down on their ensuing possession, and that was it. But still, the officials deserve the lion’s share of the blame here. But exactly how much is a lion’s share? I’ve never had to share anything with a lion, and even then I’d probably just let him have the whole thing. Except for Asian women. I don’t know why, but lions really hate Asians. Look it up.

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