The Story Behind Melissa Joan Hart’s Love For Alabama Football

In 2002, Melissa Joan Hart didn’t know anything about college football, let alone the University of Alabama. In fact, while growing up, the TV star said she never watched sports. “I was the oldest of seven kids and my dad wasn’t into sports either. So I had no clue: Why would I want to sit on a couch and watch it instead of going out and doing something?” Twelve short years later, Hart is screaming “Roll Damn Tide” and following recruits on Twitter. How did that happen?

In 2002, Melissa Joan Hart met a musician named Mark Wilkerson. As it turned out, Wilkerson was an Alabama boy through and through having grown up in Tuscaloosa. Hart had no choice but to start loving Alabama football or suffer the consequences. In 2003, the two married and well, it got a lot more serious from there.

Over the weekend, Hart binge followed several notable Alabama recruits, including five-star quarterback Blake Barnett. She also follows a handful of Alabama reporters who cover the football team daily. Last November, her book tour even made a stop on Alabama’s campus. Her name has become synonymous with the football program as their #1 celeb fan. Hell, they even wished her “Happy Birthday” earlier this year. That’s when you know it’s super serious.