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The Suns staged a late comeback against the Spurs last night, winning Game 4 104-98 thanks to a 12-1 run to close the game.  On the surface, it looks exactly like the kind of tough, crunch-time victory the Suns needed to get back in the series both physically and mentally.  Unfortunately, the fallout from Robert Horry's forearm shiver that sent Steve Nash flying into the scorer's table may have turned the game into a Pyrrhic victory for the Suns: Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw are looking at likely Game 5 suspensions because they left the bench in the ensuing scuffle.

A cursory look around the bloggerhood finds fans disappointed in the way things shook out:

•  MJD at the FanHaus takes an in-depth look at how the suspensions are unavoidable. Bonus: video of the flagrant foul and altercation.

•  100% Injury Rate decries the growing tactic of using a role player to flagrantly foul a star, and what the NBA needs to do about it.

•  TrueHoop is disappointed that the refs were key members of the Suns last night.

My feelings?  I'm glad you asked.  I think the whole system is fucked up and unfair.  I don't understand what waiting for sex accomplishes, when the sex itself is going to be one of the most important aspects of the relationship.  I mean, might as well see if it works sooner rather than later, y'know? 

Oh.  My feelings about the game.  Yeah, fuck Robert Horry.

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