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The Phoenix Suns are planning to play a game at a tennis garden?

The Phoenix Suns are planning to play the NBA's first outdoor game during next year's preseason at the Indian Wells (Calif.) Tennis Garden, Suns president and CEO Rick Welts said, according to The Arizona Republic. The idea is far enough along that the Suns have laid out a basketball court at the outdoor tennis stadium, and team general manager Steve Kerr has visited the site, according to the report. While some details need to be ironed out, an official announcement could be made in a month, the newspaper reported. According to the report, Suns part-owner Dick Heckmann, who lives in the Palm Springs, Calif., area, got the idea from a local parks manager and passed it along to Welts. "It's a completely unique experience," Welts said, according to the Republic. "We like to do new and exciting things. I think it would be remarkably successful."

Of course it's going to be successful – a Palm Springs park manager suggested it! But will it get as much snow as the New Year's Day NHL game to make it a ratings superstar? Only time will tell, but basketball at the local park is fun. Until the young men from the neighborhood in which your parents grew up come to the neighborhood to which your parents moved and bend all the rims. -KD 

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