The Super Bowl Will Be 40% Football, 60% Star Wars References (+ Morning Links)

Who died and put Kevin Smith in charge of creativity?

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Cocky 17-Year-Old Gets Ruined In A Rap Battle With His English Teacher – Laughing my ass off at “Blizzard”. What’re you, a fake rapper from an episode of Clone High? [Buzzfeed]

Are These NCAA Helmet Concepts Better Than Current Designs? – I bought a tablet! Look at these helmets! They’ve got lens flares! Blergh! [Brobible]

Twelve Reasons Why NBC Is a Last-Place Network – Reason thirteen: nobody at the network has invited me over to meet and take pictures with Aubrey Plaza. Reason fourteen: Aubrey Plaza has never kissed me on the mouth. [Warming Glow]

Andy Richter Controls The Universe, Specifically The Province of Skyrim – Now I really want to run into Pimpbot 5000 in a Dwemer Ruin. [Gamma Squad]

Channing Tatum Showed Rachel McAdams His Dong – Channing Tatum shows us his dong every time he makes a movie. He calls it “acting”. [Film Drunk]

Meme Watch: Sudden Clarity Clarence Finally Gets It – A guy with an upset look on his face with the caption “oh my god I left the clothes in the washer” is the closest I’ve ever come to being in a meme. [UPROXX]

This Is How You Place An Order At Sonic – I wonder how many times I missed someone “going viral” as a teenager by just rolling my eyes at people like this instead of taping them? [UPROXX]

Redbox Gives Warner Bros The One-Finger Salute – Hey guys, I want something that is exactly like Netflix, only I’d have to drive to the Walgreens down the street and stand in the parking lot for several minutes before it’d let me watch a movie. Any ideas? [Smoking Section]

Kate Upton Is The Best Person Ever At Eating Cheeseburgers – If you missed this, please click the link. We only update about Kate so many times each day. [With Leather]

Is Kristen Bell’s Sloth Meltdown Meme-Worthy? – No? It’s just nice. Stop making things memes! [The FW]

25 Things That Have Happened Since Meryl Streep Won Her Most Recent Oscar – I was two, if that matters. Holy sh*t that was a long time ago. That was what, 1928? [Moviefone]

The Best Gallery of Soul Calibur Cosplay in Existence – Hot girls dressed like Mortal Kombat characters > people dressed like Soul Calibur things. Unless it’s Link. Girls dressed like Link are the BEST. [Unreality]