The Time-Traveler’s Erin Andrews

University of Florida basketball standout Chandler Parsons has already been named the 2011 SEC Player of the Year, but today he’s going for a much bigger prize: King of the Internet. Everybody knows statuesque ESPN sideliner Erin Andrews attended U of F and was a member of their dance team, but finding an actual picture of her as a Dazzler has always been a big of a longshot. Well lucky for us, Parsons got his mojo working and finally uploaded a picture, and wow, there it is, sitting on Plixi. I’ll even forgive him for not having a scanner because he’s in college.

Of course, she looks great, and I wonder how long she had to stand in front of a mirror with a brush to make her hair flip over like that. A few commenters have asked about the flatness of her nose in the old picture, and a photo comparison shows the possibility of a little work done around that area. That’s probably all she’s had done, because I can’t imagine Erin Andrews doing more than a little work.

Maybe if Parsons hadn’t taken a picture of the Dazzlers through a peephole we’d be able to see them more clearly.

[via Parsons, via Plixi]